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We are modernizing the architecture of our product “Rules” so that it becomes a web application. Which means it can be correctly used on a mobile device as well. Help us designing the concept of the new product.

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Rules, a Mavim product, is software that helps manage, connect, share and improve the information management of an organization. The back-end of Rules is really powerful and excels in supporting the creation, maintenance and sharing of information in complex organizations. Mavim is working on the next generation of Rules in order to improve architecture as well as functionality.

With the help of the 1 – 10 – 100 approach Keen has been able to help Mavim design the future concept for Rules. With this concept Rules allows information to be accessed even better. It also enables the user to perform reviews and audits and it provides the user with the possibility to enter feedback. The first step in 1 – 10 – 100 is literally one day. On that day a Keen team collects as many requirements as possible and, with these requirements in hand, the team designs a first iteration. At the end of this first day, the first iteration was presented to the stakeholders of Mavim. They were very enthusiastical about the result and saw the potential of the ideas. It provided them with great insights into the direction the Rules product should grow and how this could be realized. During the second step, 10 of 1 – 10 – 100, Keen spoke to multiple users of the Rules application to hear from them what kind of work they do, how they work with Rules and what wishes they have. During the conversations the previous requirements were tested and new requirements were collected. To check the impact of the requirements on, for example, the architecture of Rules we discussed these new requirements with Mavim.

In the last step, 100 of 1 – 10 – 100, another iteration of the concept was designed. This was done by creating a prototype. Parallel to that, a new visual style for Rules was developed. The new concept is the dot on the horizon to which Mavim will be working. In the upcoming years, Keen will be involved in designing various elements of the new concept. The first step of our collaboration has been the development of a new navigation structure. Mavim is currently building and implementing this new structure. Keen will assist during this development phase where needed.

Jean Jacques Vossen:
“I didn’t know people like Keen existed. I wish we met earlier so we would have been able to involve Keen in the process earlier. But, better late than never. Because of the contribution of Keen our order-intake increased with 50% in the past year.”

Key data

Client Mavim Sector Software development Platform(s) Application, Software


  • Interviews and workshops with stakeholders
  • User research
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Visual prototyping
  • Advising the technical team


  • Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Layered PhotoShop files
  • Styleguide and specifications