Manicipality Woerden

Woerden Wijzer

The municipality of Woerden also wants to support its residents in a digital way so that they can take maximum control of their needs as easily as possible. This becomes concrete by giving residents access to all available information, making their own requests towards the municipality, monitoring progress on their requests, et cetera.

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From Woerden politics the need arose for an 'upgrade' of the online possibilities for the inhabitants of Woerden. This should be a comprehensive online service set, under the name 'Resident cloud'. One of the services that should be given a place in this Resident Cloud is the website. A map of social instances must be included, and a secure personal site. Residents must be able to find all information about numerous residential matters, the services that are available in Woerden, municipal procedures and law and regulations, submit a carerequest, and monitor the progress of the application for care.

Keen has made the 'Inwonercloud' concrete in a redesign and a new concept for, so that it becomes the basis for the rest of the online services. This included a different approach to the website, which is now set up in a user centered way. Keen did this through UX research, such as interviews with residents of Woerden and user tests to verify the concepts at the earliest stages of design up to testing the final designs with the Woerden residents. With this research as input a number of iterations with several moments in which the designs were discussed with the municipality of Woerden the website is designed. In addition, there was an extra challenge due to the integration of a map with social instances via an API. Keen then supervised the technical realisation to ensure that these designs were actually realized as designed.

Eric van Eijk:
“Wit Keen I experienced that the world of 'user experience design' and 'interaction design' really is a profession. Keen has helped us a lot with the design and the actual realisation of our new website.”

Key data

WoerdenWijzer, municipal care domain body of Woerden




  • Concepting
  • Gathering requirements
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Guiding technical realisation
  • User testing


  • Wireframes
  • Styleboards