Our expertise and experience offers a lot of added value in new projects

What are they?

Keen Design was founded in 2003 and in all those years we have had a lot of different clients. For many of our clients we are specialists. For many of our colleagues we are generalists, because we don’t limit ourselves to specific industries.

We don’t necessarily feel attracted to the idea of focusing on 1 specific industry. Designers really prefer variety. For variety’s sake, but also because variety can lead to cross-pollination: (new) knowledge in 1 area can inform a project in another industry.

The advantages of focus are obvious as well. We are able to bundle expertise and experience. Moreover, deeper knowledge and experience within a specific context leads to better results than without those advantages.

At Keen Design we have found a way to combine variety and focus. We still work for a very varied client base. At the same time, we have bundled people, expertise, experience and skills for a couple of specialities. At this point these are financials and government.